Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Specialized Gears Up for SM Mall of Asia Store Opening

Specialized – a bicycle brand made for riders, by riders – gears up for its store’s grand opening today, Oct. 17 at the SM by the Bay at the Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City.

Considered to be a biker’s haven especially in the morning, SM by the Bay is the perfect location for the first of three Specialized concept stores to open, with Pasig and Maginhawa St. in Quezon City completing the new stores for 2018.

 “We want to serve the riders where they are, and at the same time make it convenient for them to get that one-stop bike shop experience,” says Ritchie Santayana, Customer Development Director of Gruppo Innovare Corporation, referring to the choice of locations for the three stores. All three are known to be bike-friendly areas in the metropolis, and more stores are promised to come throughout the country over the next few years.

Since 1974, the brand has striven to make the best bikes for riders. The store is set to offer a comprehensive range of technically advanced products, such as:

·      The Stumpjumper, the brand’s most versatile trail bike,
·      the Turbo Levo and Kenevo, a pair of e-mountain bikes built to give riders the power to ride more trails,
·      the Venge, the fastest road bike, and
·      the Tarmac, the lightest race bike ever made by the brand.

The 2019 Shiv Disc, is also set to take center stage during opening day. The all-new triathlon specific bike promises unprecedented aero design, storage for fuel and hydration to last the whole race, and the most flexible fit. It is the most complete triathlon bike ever made.

Riders can expect easy and worry-free purchases, and a complete “Specialized experience” through the store’s full scope of services: providing expert advice in choosing the best bike, experiencing the bikes firsthand through their bike test program, bike servicing by trained staff, and the Retül Match and Vantage system, the most technically advanced bike fitting and product matching technology available in the market.

Fabulous prizes will also be raffled off while Specialized will give a 10 percent discount on all items on its launch day.

Gruppo Innovare Corporation is the authorized and appointed distributor of Specialized Bicycle Components in the Philippines.

For further information, about Specialized in the Philippines, visit or like and follow Specialized Philippines on Facebook at

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Call to Action: Filinvest City Endurance Weekend 2018

All set for the 6th edition of Filinvest City's annual MTB race event - the Endurance Weekend, happening on July 7 and 8 at Filinvest City Alabang.  

Don't miss out.  Register now before slots sell out!  Check out the following details.  

July 7 - 8, 2018
Pacific Rim, Filinvest City, Alabang



Registration is online via
Payments can be made via credit card, bank transfer or in authorized payment centers.


  • race bib
  • race jersey
  • finisher’s medal

Winners also get to bring home these exiting prizes. 

Wait! There's more...

Special prizes for all NON ELITE Age Category Placers are at stake, and a brand new 
bike will also be raffled off.  All through the courtesy of MOB!  

Friday, April 20, 2018

NATGEO RUN 2018 Onsite Registration

April is Earth Month, and NATGEO is making sure that we take the celebration to the streets in a fun and healthy way.  

If you haven't registered yet for NATGEO Run 2018, today, April 20 is the last day of onsite registration at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  Register now before all race kits sell out!  😃👍

National Geographic Earth Day Run 2018

National Geographic Earth Day Run Year 9 presents the fun run category (3K), paving the way for more Eco Warriors to participate and champion the environmental causes they believe in. In addition to the fun run category, Nat Geo will host a series of running clinics for elite 21K runners four weeks prior to the main event to better condition the physiques of each marathoner participating in the run. Join us, as we run towards the betterment of our planet on April 22, 2018 (Sunday) at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds.

P750 - 3km
P850 - 5km
P950 - 10km
P1400 - 21km

Online Registration:

Singlet Design / Sizing

Assembly Time and Gun Start
21km - 2:30AM - 3:30AM
10km - 4:00AM - 5:00AM
5km - 4:30AM - 5:30AM
3km - 5:00AM - 6:00AM

Cutoff Times
21km - 4 hours 30 minutes
10km - 3 hours
5km - 2 hours
3km - 1 hour

Finisher's Medal

Finisher's Shirt

Race Maps / Race Route

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Back at 5

First run after months of no running
Music is about expression.  It matters to me most when I cannot find the exact words to express how I feel about something, in this case, running.  So whenever I finally made time to at least jog...these lyrics have their way to play some melody in my head.

It's undeniable
That we should be together
It's unbelievable
How I used to say
That I'd fall never
The basis is need to know
If you don't know
Just how I feel
Then let me show you now
That I'm for real
If all things in time
Time will reveal

(Back at One by Brian McKnight)

Finding time for a quality run has been a struggle for me since I stopped running regularly 4 years ago. Somehow, in the last 4 years, I was able to get through a couple of half and two full marathon events with (borderline) inadequate training, but with sheer and crazy guts to tour two cities on foot.  There are days I emerge triumphant over my busy schedule and inner demons, finally getting out of bed earlier than usual and lacing up my running shoes for a quick jog.  I long for those days when running for 2 hours or more was the norm...and so I sing...

Late last night
I was goin' through some old things
When I saw a picture of you, my best friend
It reminded me of days when you were mine
You had a way that always left me here with a smile
I want those sweet days back again
'Cause baby

(Cool With You by Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Whenever I jog, I am always tempted to go faster even though I know the risk of doing speed work right away with no endurance base.  As the treadmill hits the 10kph mark, I mentally brace myself for a self-imposed challenge...

Forfeit the game
Before somebody else
Takes you outta the frame
And puts your name to shame
Cover up your face
You can't run the race
The pace is too fast
You just won't last

(Points of Authority by Linkin Park)

I refuse to give up, even after months of zero training. I always manage to come around and go back to running...because I love running.  I know if I start training seriously anytime soon, I will be full marathon-ready in 8 months or so.  For now, I'm back at 5km. Chill.  

Don't you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won't give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Don't you give up, nah-nah-nah
I won't give up, nah-nah-nah
Let me love you
Let me love you
Oh baby, baby

(Let Me Love You by DJ Snake)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Leather Care Project: How do we take care of our bags?

Official cover photo of Leather Care Project
I buy a bag when there is something major to celebrate, which usually brings out the feeling of empowerment. In terms of frequency, I buy once a year only, so I do not end up with a lot of bags that I would not be able to use after a while.  I love bags.  They bring me joy, but owning too many bags at once is borderline clutter. 

I make an inventory of my bags twice a year.  This was also the time I would bring a bag to a bag spa for deep cleaning - one bag after the other.  After several years, I opened my own bag spa business - Leather Care Project. I never thought that my love for bags could become the start of an entrepreneurial journey - but this is one story all together.  

Again, bags.  I don't baby my bags.  I use them, and I use them well.  They are exposed to elements, including harmful germs.  Keep it a habit to clean and disinfect your bags the right way - this prolongs the useful life of your bags.  You and the people around you (especially at home) benefit from the practice of keeping harmful germs away from your precious bags.  

For bag collectors, or people who oftentimes receive bags as gift, bag rotation can be a challenge. The longer you keep the bags in storage, the more vulnerable they are to the unpleasant effects of humidity; molds and mildew included.  We live in a tropical country where humidity is almost always high. If the bags are stored, to the point they are not readily visible to you, you tend to forget about them until the next spring cleaning.  Post-spring cleaning, you just hope the defects you discovered can be fixed at a reasonable fee.  Here is a big realization for a bag hag like me: there comes a time when I need to let go of a bag.  Letting go means handing it over to my niece, or selling it in the pre-loved handbag market.  It is like giving the bag a second chance to become a source of joy, or you giving joy to another bag lover. When you let go of a bag or two, it also means making space for a new one.  Our choice of bag styles also changes over time. 

In simple terms, how do we take care of our bags?  

1.  Use your bags.  Use them well.  They will age well. 

2.  Air your bags regularly, but do not expose it to direct sunlight.  This is ideally done once a week, but our busy lives could probably allow once a month.    Good ventilation is healthy for your handbag.  

3.  Wipe your handbag clean with a soft cotton cloth.  An old cotton t-shirt can do the trick.  For suede, use a suede brush or soft-bristled toothbrush.   For fabric, a soft-bristled toothbrush or horse hairbrush can prevent dust from settling into the fibers.  
Leather Care Project uses all-natural horse hairbrush from Germany.
4.  Make sure that your bag is dry before you keep it in a dust bag.  This is to avoid (excessive) moisture build up while in storage.  Excessive moisture is a breeding place for molds or mildew.  Brush the lining using a soft brush to shake off dirt or dust.  

From Leather Care Project's file:  A fabric bag with (unwanted) mildew.  Mildew can be prevented.  Once mildew starts to spread on your bag, consult a handbag cleaning and restoration expert. 
From Leather Care Project's file:  The clean and disinfected version.  No more mildew and stains after deep cleaning. 
5.  Store your bag in a dust bag.  One bag is to one dust bag.  No dust bag, no problem.  A soft pillow case can work as an alternative. Avoid storing leather bags in plastic.  Leather is skin.  Skin must be able to breathe. 
Storage tip for hardware:  Wrap detachable hardware separately.  In case the hardware tarnishes overtime, its dark color will not transfer to the adjacent fabric or leather. 
6.  To maintain the shape of your bag, use a stuffer when storing.  DIY stuffer:  bundle clean, white bond papers; wrap in white Japanese paper. Tape the ends to hold the paper bundle in place.

7.  Avoid spilling solvent on your bag.  Solvent may cause the bag's color to bleed. 

8.  When leather becomes sticky, refer to Tip #2, and then store your bag in a cooler room.  Do not place it right next to other bags to avoid color transfer.  Observe. If stickiness persists, consult a handbag cleaning expert.  

9.  If you must purchase a cleaning or polishing product, it has to be intended for the type of materials of your bag (example:  smooth leather / patent (shiny layer) / suede or nubuck / fabric).  Read the label before purchasing.  

10.  If you must apply any product to your bag, do a spot test in a hidden section of the bag.  Check the material's reaction to the product before applying it to the entire bag. 

For more information about handbag cleaning and restoration, visit our Leather Care Project page in Facebook and Instagram (@leathercareproject).  


Leather Care Project offers professional cleaning and restoration services for your handbags and shoes.  We have thriving online presence through Facebook and Instagram, and our studio is located south of Manila.    We provide free online assessment through our Facebook page.  Handbag pick-up and delivery processes are done through 3rd party courier, or scheduled appointment in Makati, BGC, and MOA central business districts.  

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Splendido Sunset Run 2017 - Leave No Man Behind

Splendido Sunset Run is back!  Mark your calendar, register, and bring the whole bunch to a fun Saturday at Splendido on December 16.  They sure know how to treat everyone with an excellent view of the sunset along the ridges of Tagaytay / Nasugbu.  There is a 5 km category for kids and kids at heart (I just realized that 5 km is my new 21 km).  The 12 km category is tagged as a TRIO for runners and their BFFs.  If you are into testing the limits of your legs on an elevated terrain, then there is a 21 km category for you.  

Splendido has a condo-hotel with plenty of rooms for you and your family/friends.  Why not stay overnight and enjoy the cool December breeze of Tagaytay?  Splendido is offering discount on accommodation to Sunset Run participants, just call or send them an email through the contact details provided below before you book. 

Our friends from Splendido wish to share these fabulous slides to provide you with more information at a glance.