Thursday, August 31, 2017

Leather Care Project: Restoration with Stitching Challenge

We are so glad to have joined the cross-stitching bandwagon back in its heyday, but we wouldn't dare announce the exact year.  Those were the days when every project was a true test of patience and perseverance...and it was, in a way therapeutic.
Now we leveled up in stitching, as it becomes an important component of some of our restoration efforts at Leather Care Project.  Stitching becomes more tedious with bags, because we have to deal with hard-to-reach areas (like corners and interior lining).  If we are to open existing stitches to make room for repairs, we need to assess the most optimal section to cut - all these steps are being performed with utmost care; with the primary goal of maintaining or reinforcing the sturdiness of the bag, while being especially mindful of its overall aesthetic value (or appearance). 
Here are two of our recent projects that mandated high quality hand stitches. 
1.  Gucci small denim bag with soft leather trim and handle - this is a 14-year old bag, and it has been a constant favorite of a client among her extensive collection of designer bags.  This is her usual out-to-lunch bag. It must be sturdy enough to hold a phone, coins and bills, keys, power bank, and some beauty must-haves. 

2.  Coach fabric bag with patent leather trim and straps - the 'before' photo says it all.  All strap edges were badly damaged due to a combination of stress (heavy load) and humidity (from storage).  Good thing our client did not give up on this bag, and brought it to us for repair.  It could have ended up in the trash bin.  We do not have to be hardcore environmentalists to at least attempt in helping our clients save their bags (from destruction).  Now we are looking forward to her OOTD photos with this arm candy.  The repair process that we followed is a green one - we did not use any electrical machine to fix the bag, it was all manual process. 

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