Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Running and I are back together

ME:  Lace up your running shoes. Walk - jog. Follow the path.  RUNNING will find you.  
I thought it was over.  You know this, whole I-love-running phase of my life?

There was a point I thought about ditching running, because I am no longer the morning person I used to be.  My pace is no longer within 10% of my age group.  It felt like faded glory of some sort.  I registered for runs or signed up for free, but I would not make it to the start line because all I wanted was to catch up on sleep. 

However, each time I turned my back from "running", I would always come running back to it.  I gave up ignoring "running".  I just had to admit to myself that I cannot run away from it, even if I could think about 101 excuses to ditch it.  

I used to build mileage for full marathons, but it has been two years since I ran a full.  After a full marathon back in 2016, I lost all clear motivations to do some maintenance run. I lost that healthy disposition towards "running".   

And then it hit me...

Wait, I forgot about wellness while I was occupied by the very thought of transitioning from corporate to a new life path.  I was too busy, and yes, stressed, that I forgot how running cleared my head even during the most toxic work assignments in the past.  I forgot that feeling for a while, only to rediscover it after contemplating on some health-related stuff.    

ME:  If you can't run in the morning, run at night.
Now, I run even when it's late and I'm the last person to leave the gym.
I must go back to the one I love - RUNNING...and RUNNING is the very thing I have in mind whenever I sing "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" in my head.  Running is that kind of person who can't be moved - just waiting in a familiar place, hoping to be found again by that his/her special someone.  I must have missed running so much, that I'm beginning to romanticize my analogy. 

I've been running regularly on the treadmill in the last three months.  I have not hit the road yet, but the 3x-a-week treadmill deal is already progress, and enough validation that  running and I are back together.  😊
Just like in the not-so-distant past, I run on the treadmill for as long as I can or want...then I eat. Some things never change. 

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